Which template should I download?

There are two types of templates available.

Cover Template: Used for designing the cover for books. Available with a custom cover option. Page template: Used for designing the pages. Printed from our lab.

Download Blank Templates

Click on our blank template download list below.
Each template is designed specifically to fit certain types of books.
Please make sure you download a template that is compatible with the book you order.

To work efficiently with the templates, keep the original template blank.
When you are done editing each page, choose "Save as" (Not "Save").
You won't have to keep downloading the same blank template repeatedly.

Please click this link for template download.

After the download is finished, you can use the templates in Photoshop® immediately.

Understanding the Layout
& Creating Content

1 Page = 2 Sides



All of our page templates are in panoramic form. A page is comprised of two sides, left and right. Since the first and last page of a book only have single sides, they are to be put together on one template.
When you save, you must name the files in numerical order. The only exception to this is the first and last page.

Example: For a 20 paged/40 sided album.

First and last sides' file name: 0140 (01 represents the first side, 40 is the last).

For any other page: 0203, 0405, 0607, etc. up to 3839.

*All Viva books start on the right and end on the left.

The steps below explain more about the process of creating the content for a book. Please take the time to read the following information and make sure you fully understand how the system works. Ask us about anything that you are unsure of!

1. Cover Design-if available

You can customize an album cover for a book by using the cover template.
Cover templates are available ONLY for these types of books: acrylic cover, photo cover, metalphoto cover,
brushed metal cover,
and canvas wraparound cover.

Designed covers will give the most original and unique look!

2. First and Last First!

From first to the very last page, an album can all be created by using just one template.

When you begin working on your first page, it is imperative to combine the first and last slide on a template just like the example on the left.


3. Rest of the Pages

Design the pages however you like on a blank template. Save each page as JPEG output, and name the files in order of which you want them displayed in numerical order.

On how to properly save a completed page,
refer to the "Settings & Saving" page.