We hope this guide will help you understand the general workflow for our lab.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions in the "contact" tab.

1. Download Printer Profiles

Click here for printer profile download page.

Right-click the profile and select Install Profile.
Or, copy the profiles into the
WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color folder (for Windows XP)
or the WINNT\system32\spool\drivers\color folder (for Windows 2000)

Copy the profile into the
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/Recommended folder.
Or, copy profiles into the /Users/username/Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder.

2.Color Setting for Photoshop

This is our lab's default color settings in Photoshop.
Please match the highlighted areas with your settings.


3. Soft Proof Mode - This process is essential for color accuracy.

Important note:
The soft-proofing results will only be effective
if your display is properly calibrated using a hardware-based colorimeter.

1. Turn on soft proof mode to see what your print will look like.
2. Set Working Space RGB to sRGB.
3. Stay in sRGB, and turn on soft proof mode
(make sure you choose the correct printer profile for soft proof mode).

The actual print should look very simililar as it appears on the monitor.
Assuming that your monitor is properly calibrated of course.

  • Run Photoshop
    go to View > Proof Setup > Custom

  • Select appropriate profile from the profile menu.

Toggle in and out of Proof mode:

Apple + Y

Ctrl + Y

Ex: "Viva Luster" for luster print.

Device to Simulate: Choose appropriate profile.
Choose Saturation for Rendering Intent.
Check the box for Black Point Compensation and Simulate Paper Color.



4. Saving your Images

Naming the files

1 Page = 2 Sides

Our templates are all in panoramic page form.
When you save, you must name the files in numerical order in which you want them displayed.
(Name each file after side numbers!)

To read more details about templates,
"Templates & Layouts"
Click the link to find out!

Save Jpeg as quality 10

Images printed as Jpeg-10 are identical in print quality to
Jpeg-12 images for our books. We do not need to add unnecessary details for the file size.

Minimizing file sizes will shorten upload/download time.

Remember not to overwrite on your original image. Image should be kept in best condition if you plan on using them again in the future.



Choose "Standard" baseline format option.


Embed sRGB!

In the Save or Save as dialog box, make sure to check the
"Icc Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 " checkbox in the Color settings area.