Monitor Calibration

In order to see printed images the way they are intended to be seen,
your monitor might need to be calibrated. This is an essential step for those who are serious about accuracy of colors. We highly recommend using professional monitor calibration tools to calibrate your monitor before starting any work.

Click on “Monitor Calibration” to view more about calibration.

Color Management
& Workflow



Please take the time to read the guide on our lab workflow. The quality of the prints will be promising if you follow it correctly.

We ONLY accept JPEG files and all images must be in sRGB.

Go to "Colors & Workflow" for more information.




Blank Templates

We provide blank panoramic PSD templates with guidelines for you to work on.

Our templates are already set up in the format that our printer needs to print.
So, no more worrying about file settings. More concentration on designing!

You can search and download appropriate templates for your order.

Click on "Blank Templates" for download and detailed description.


Send us your Images

Please click on the "Distributors" tab to check out our online order system!
(Click on "Print + Bind" link for ordering online through distributors.)

Your images are uploaded to, our filesharing service provider.
Uploading is very easy to do with the simplest user interface.

Go to "Send your images" for detailed information.

If you are not able to send us your images online for any reason,
you can send them through storage devices or CDs via mail.
(Check our "contact" page for mailing and shipping information)