Calibrating and profiling your monitor should be your first priority. If the colors displayed on your monitor are wrong, all other color management is a waste of time.

If you're really serious about color management, presice color reproduction, and willing to do things right, we strongly recommend you to invest in a monitor calibration tool which will help your monitor display colors more accurately. Also check that your monitor itself is in good shape.

If you do not wish purchase a calibration tool, you can still try to calibrate your monitor manually. However, it will not be as accurate as a monitor refined with a professional tool.

Remember, your monitor and the actual print will not be EXACTLY the same.
As long as you follow our workflow with a properly calibrated monitor, there should be no problems with the colors on the prints.

Here's some information which may help you understand monitor calibration a little more, and learn how to do it. Good luck!